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Podcast: Anaqua


Vincent Brault is the Senior Vice President of Anaqua and talks with Ian Connett in this epsiode about the future IP law.  Find out more about what Anaqua does and hear his thoughts as a LegalTech veteran and what the future might hold.

Listen here:

Show Notes

Vincents background –  1:05
Can you provide a description on the solutions Anaqua provides – 1:43
How do you integrate with large data systems? – 2:53
Do you see your client base continuing to expand over the next 3-5 years? – 4:14
What are your thoughts on legaltech adoption? – 5:56
Are there broader non IP use cases for Anaqua? – 8:23
How do you define an intangible intellectual property asset? – 10:04
Can you give advice to law students or younger lawyers who are interested in working in legaltech? – 11:07
Do you have a perspective on broader trends with respect to technology disrupting the legal services industry? – 12:50
Is there anything that scares you with the rapid advancements in AI? – 15:45
What is the most unexpected thing Anaqua is doing? – 21:31
Where are you currently hiring and seeing the most growth? – 23:14

Ian Connett