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Press Release: Quantum Jurist Collaborates With Law Firm...

“Quantum Jurist Collaborates With Law Firm to Develop
Groundbreaking Legal Technology Solutions”

MANHATTAN, New York, June 6th 2018 – Quantum Jurist, Inc. announces its collaboration with the New York law firm Connett, P.C. to develop groundbreaking legal technology solutions for both in house general counsel attorneys and small and medium sized law firms. 

Targeting a vastly underserved legal services market in critical areas such as Privacy Law, Corporate Finance and Compliance, Quantum Jurist’s new "General Counsel-as-a-Service" offering aims to be “must have” technology for attorneys (and non-attorneys) managing a wide range of complex legal matters.  Founder Ian Connett believes the legal services market is beyond ripe for this type of solution.


Quantum Jurist’s core functionality is its ability to condense entire legal portfolios into a single user experience.   More complex matters are segmented into legal applications, called LegalApps, which are tailored fitted to meet individual client needs.    .
“The LegalTech market burst wide open in 2018” says Connett, an experienced inside and outside counsel to companies operating in the AdTech space who also serves as a Contributing Editor to the popular Evolve The Law blog, a branch of
“However, general counsels or even non-legal executives who deal with a broad spectrum of legal matters are still underserved.   Our offering aims to fill this void by becoming the go-to tool to streamline all legal workflow, reporting and databasing through a single space.”
Connett’s team predicts that newly enacted legislation in increasingly complex regulatory zones, such as Data Privacy, will spur demand, citing the recent European General Data Protection Regulation or “GDPR” as just one example:
“Our inbox exploded with GDPR related questions overnight” admits Connett.   “This is one battle you cannot fight with contracts alone.   You need both legal services and now legal technology to meet your organization’s compliance needs.   The future of law demands both a human and technological component.  We provide both.”
The Quantum Jurist “General Counsel-as-a-Service” offering, which leverages third party technology, is currently available in beta to select Connett, P.C. clients.    You may contact Quantum Jurist at to learn more or request a demo.
Quantum Jurist, Inc. is a LegalTech consulting and technology venture dedicated to creating efficiencies in the legal services industry.
Ian Connett, Founder & President
Mobile: US +1 914 907 0305

Ian Connett